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Support for Windows
Support for Mac OS

A complete, custom designed website and very easy to maintain yourself

Adding pages easily

With the draggable menu you will be enabled to easily create and place pages to the prefered position.

You can drag your pages easily. It is also possible to drag them to a different layer, creating subpages. All URLs will automatically adjust. Old links from external website will continue to work.

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Editing text in your corporate identity

It is easy to edit text yourself. The system protects your corporate identity

When you change the content of your text, the layout of your website will not change. Would you prefer to change the layout, this can be accomplished with one simple change throughout your entire website. On top of that you can easily add texts from Microsoft Word or comparable text editors to your website.

Adding and resizing images

With our extensive imagemanager you will be enabled to add and edit pictures easily

You can easily scale or edit your pictures to fit your desires. If the image size of the uploaded file is too big, it will be automatically scaled back. This way the loading speed of your website stays rapid!

Adding and editing images
Access levels

Access levels up to 10 layers

You can make distinctions for your website by awarding specific access levels to your relations.

You can easily add several different access levels to the menu items. You decide which customer can visit which parts of your website and which will be hidden. It is also possible to adjust a personal page for your customer.

Your website internationally

Next to the Dutch language you can extend your website with English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

On the arrival of your visitor the system has a look at the country of origin and loads, when available, directly the correct language. It is possible to switch the different languages on and off.

Your website internationally
Search engine optimized

Search engine optimized

CM-Site is equipped with the correct tools to provide a high ranking in a variety of search engines.

For every page it is possible to add meta tags. Also our CMS works in an hierarchy structure. On top of that we provide a landing page module as well as the possibility to create a sitemap which is accessible from every page.

Extensive visitor statistics

Integrating Google Analytics provides you the possibility to analyse the click and search habits of your visitors.

Measurement is knowledge. With the data from Google Analytics you are provided with the tools to further optimize your website. This way you can attract more potential customers to your website and make them a customer.

Extensive visitor statistics

Google Analytics implementation

Google Analytics implementation

With Google analytics you easily collect data on where your visitor is from and what he does on your website.



Our CMS system can generate QR codes. With these “Quick Response” codes anyone with a smartphone can be redirected straight to the provided link.

Search engine optimized

Search engine optimized

For every page it is possible to adjust the meta tags. Our CMS provides the correct layout to make sure all h1, h2 tags etc. are within the page.

Landing pages


With the landing pages you make sure your website will be easy to find. We can create a menu, hidden for the visitor, but visible for the search engines.

Out of order

Out of order

With this function you can temporary get your website offline during maintenance. The owner of the website can see the website on the backend in the meantime.

301 Redirects

301 Redirects

With the self editable 301 redirects (url rewrite)  your pages can be redirected exactly to fit your preferences.

Sitemap (directory)

Sitemap summary

Every 2 days there will be created an XML document which makes sure your website will be ranking higher within search engines. There is also a visual sitemap available for your visitors.


Next to the functions as explained above there are a lot more options available in the form of modules.

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