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B2B Webshop

Your webshop as a customer portal

Are you a wholesaler and would you like to use your website as a customer portal, or as a portal for your salesmen on the road? Then we have the fitting solution for you! We developed a webshop specifically for the wholesaler and B2B market. Possibilities for exporting stock, price agreements and orders has been implemented in the standard version.

But we can provide more:

  • Extensive linking with bigger and smaller systems
  • Easy accessible on the road over tablet or smartphone
  • Search for a store closeby or a store in general
  • Forwarding consumer orders to your closest reseller
  • Switching between price displays so other can watch along
  • Work with consumer-, advice-, or other prices
  • Use it as a quotation and order portal all-in-one
  • Allow your customer to generate and safe quotes
  • Allow your resellers to take orders on the road
  • Calculate commissions for your customer
  • Automated article export to webshops
  • Dropship module (informs your supplier automatically)

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Build a B2B webshop
Linking your B2B webshop to Exact, Mplus, SAP SnelStart, AS400

Extensive linking

One of the big upsides to automation is saving time and preventing mistakes. That is why we think it is not more than normal that your B2B webshop is linked to your accountancy or your ERP-package.

Customer details and order details will be automatically synced to your current accountancy or ERP-package.

We provide links to SAP, Exact, PIM, AS-400, Order-Direct, M-plus, Visma, KING, JUPA (Eijsink), SnelStart and other packages. Curious if we can provide you with a package covering the links to your current provider and your webshop.

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Searching retailers

If you have miltiple locations/resellers your customer will be enabled to find the closest store to his/her location.

We can arrange this through the traditional searchfield, but we are also able to provide GPS-location for you web browser. We calculate the distance between your store and the location of your visitor with the services of Google Maps.

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consumer orders webshop

Forwarding sales orders

If your brand is well known, you will have regular visitors.

With our webshop we enable customers to place their own order and decide to let it deliver at a reseller location for pick up of their own choosing. The B2B webshop shows the closest store automatically based upon the provided address by the customer. This way you can serve both your customer and reseller.

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Switch between price displays

As a wholesaler you work with all kinds of different prices. When your customer (the dealer or retailer) sits with one of his clients it will often happen that your catalog or website will be shown.

Within our package your reseller can switch between the price display so your customer will only see the advice sale prices. This way your reseller can easily search based on, color, use or dimensions or other search criteria which you can define. Also the end user can create their own overview and contact one of your resellers themselves.

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webshop quote module for B2B

Webshop as quote module

It is also possible to design your webshop as a quote module. The webshop will look like a regular webshop, however your visitors won’t be able to see any of your prices.

Instead of a shopping cart the visitor has the possibility to request a quote. Visitors have to leave their details and your visitor and you will receive an email about the quote request. The visitor we speak of could be a potential retailer or end user.

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Let your client create a quote

As soon as one of your customers logs on he will have the possibility to create a project. You can add products and numbers to a project, take notes and even provide a status.

This way your client can create and/or work in multiple quotes at the time and calculate a price for the end user quickly. You as owner of a webshop are also enabled to view the project and if necessary add products and/or notes.

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creating quotes
commission and affiliats

Commissions and affiliates

If your customer has no proper webshop of his own and you just would like to link him to your webshop but also want to provide his commission based on the sale, we have the solution for you!

Our system can keep track of the redirects and which commission is linked to that specific redirect. Depending on your wishes we can provide the possibility for your client to view placed orders and you can set the setting for the height of the commission yourself.

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Automated product exports

Webshops are an everyday part of life. If you serve a lot of webshops you know that most webshops prefer to receive all product information digitally.

Our B2B Webshop can export all product details automatically so your client is always provided with the recent product photos, product characteristics, stock numbers (or status) and real time price agreements.

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Automated xml connector
B2B sales module

Sales module

With our sales module your resellers are able to log on to your clients account while on the road.

The salesman will be able to see the exact same details as your client. The only thing is that your salesman does not need the login details of your customer. This way a salesman has the possibility to easily record the order within your B2B shop accompanied by the correct price agreements and deliver agreements.

The salesman will be shown on the order confirmation as well.

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