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Importing products with our XML connector

Extensive connector in XML

You can use our connector to import data from your back office package into the webshop.

You’re enabled to import master data such as product number, order number, EAN-code, product name, product description, weight, image, stock, prices, VAT code, categories etc. to your webshop.

XML connector
Manage all products in one screen

Manage all products in one portal

In case you have a back office package that can export XML documents, we are able to create a custom connector, so you are enabled to manage all your products in one portal.

Our product import has been designed so it can import even the more complicated XML documents to your Accountancy package.

Only the adjustments

When you make an XML import to your webshop you have the possibility to only import the changes. This way everything stays rapid and your online stock will be up-to-date at all times.

If there is made an order within your webshop we prepare an XML document on our server. When your accountant package imports the order data and with that updates your stock our shop can be instructed to change the stock immediately. This can make sure that your actual stock is up-to-date down to the minute!

Only changes will be updated
XML Import custom settings

Custom XML Import

In case it is not possible to make an export according to our documentation within your accountancy package, we can adjust our import.

Because of the flexible setup it is possible to change the names of text fields, read field attributes, add image from an external source or to add the data to our server via FTP and a lot more…

Adding factor and price

In case you want to work with product feeds from your suppliers, you are able to add a factor and a fixed price to your supplied goods.

Because we are able to run multiple XML imports at the same time, you are enabled to work together with multiple suppliers.

Adding Factors and prices


If you want to create your own product feed you can download the documentation heren.

In this document you will also find a link to a  few XML examples.

Documentation XML Import documentation version 4.3.2