Automated XML-export

Your products in the webshop of one of your clients.

When you supply to webshops, you will often be requested to send a document with your products, prices and images. We have build an XML export to fit this specific desire. This way you can import data automated.

If your customer is working with CM Shop also, then for example the product feed can be imported automated every night. Your customer is then enabled to add his own margin.

content of the XML-export

  • Product number, order number, EAN code
  • Weight
  • Sales price incl. VAT / excl. VAT in which the discount and price agreement is included
  • Display price in- and excluding VAT
  • Advised Sales price excluding VAT
  • Discounts in- and excluding VAT
  • Verkoopprijs ex. btw / inc. btw
  • VAT percentage
  • Stock description and units
  • Short description in 6 languages
  • Extensive description in 6 languages
  • Link to product
  • Link to image
  • Categories with multiple options
  • Product unit, sales unit and number per sales unit
  • Product group with characteristics

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Compiling  an XML-export

If you would like us to arrange an XML document for your customer within the boundaries of our XML function then that is possible. In consultation we can prepare the correct XML document so it is ready at the server. Always provided with the maximum security.

Smaller automated XML-exports are possible as well, for example a document with only product numbers and stock units or only product names with categories.

What does it cost?

prices are per XML-export connector.

Based on existing features € 225,-
Custom made On request