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Visma Webshop connector

Visma connector

CM Specialist has developed a connector which allows CM Shop to communicate with the Visma eAccounting ERP package. This will safe you a lot of time and will reduce the chances of making mistakes consideCrably.

The connector contains

  • Article master data
  • Placed orders
  • Stock management
  • Journals
  • Sales invoices
  • Tax shifts

Next to these links above there are many more possibilities with a B2B webshop or a B2C webshop.

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MyParcel connector
Visma and CM Specialist

Visma and CM Shop linked

Product master data

In short, the connector takes care of the export of the following details to your webshop: Article number, short article description (Dutch and English), stock numbers, sales prices (ex- and including VAT) and the VAT amount.

Orders through CM Shop

Order data will be exported by CM Shop to your Visma eAccounting.

Order details such as customer details (name, phone number, email, invoice address and delivery address) and article rows will be automatically exported at fixed time slots.

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Orders exporting from CM Shop
Order log

Order Log

Be in control of what is happening.

The is a Journal kept of every im- and export. This enables you to view back im- and exported articles to your webshop, at what stock amount the stock has been changed  and which order have been exported to Visma.

Sales invoices from CM Shop

Order details are exported from CM Shop to Visma eAccounting. This enables you to manage your sales invoices from the Visma portal.

Depending on your settings you are also able to choose to create a sales invoice instead of an sales order within your webshop. The sales order will be skipped in this process.

Sales invoices from CM Shop
VAT shift outside of the EU

VAT free ales outside of the EU

When you export products to countries outside of the EU, you won’t be charging you customer with VAT costs.=

When you ship your products outside of the EU, you are not obligated to charge VAT costs.

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Settings in CM Shop

You’re enabled in CM Shop to edit your setting concerning the synchronization of certain details.

Within this window you can change your settings. For example payment terms, VAT tariffs and order status are changeable. You can even go back in time with the settings of the date and time. This helps resolving a mistake you might have made in the past.

VAT shift outside of the EU
Costs connector € 450,- single payments
€ 12,50 per month