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Webshop UPS connector

UPS connector

With the UPS connector to your webshop you are enabled to sent within a few clicks a parcel to your customer. You can straight away create one or multiple consignment notes. By using the connector, all shipments are completely under your control.

The connector contains

  • Request a collection with UPS
  • Add shipments
  • Choose your own shipping service (Standard, Express Saver or Express)
  • View shipments, track shipments and cancel shipments
  • Track and Trace service
  • Rapidly creating one or multiple consignment notes
  • Insight in your shipment overview, all in one place

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UPS Webshop connector

UPS (United Parcel Service)

One of the biggest and the oldest transporters in the world for shipment within and outside of the EU.

In 1907 the company American Messenger Company was created by the 19 year old James Casy. In 1919 The company name was changed to United Parcel Services. By today UPS processes over 4.6 billion parcels per year. That is more then 12,6 million parcels a day! These parcels are transported by airplane, boat, car and bicycle.

UPS logo
UPS & CM Specialist

UPS and your Webshop together

From now on you can process your parcels through you webshop.

You receive your order within your webshop. To get this order to your customer you can use the UPS connector. With this connector you are enabled to easily request a pick up, choose your preferred shipping service and keep track of all shipments. With this connector you  prevent spelling mistakes and save time.

Placing orders with UPS

Placed orders can be requested for pickup by you.

By providing the amount of parcels, the weight and the destination you are able to check all available shipping methods, their tariffs and their expected delivery date/time.

The address details will be automatically collected from the order. If needed, you are enabled to adjust these details, in case your customer made a (small) mistake. After requesting a pick up you can print your consignment note straight away.

Register shipments with UPS
Managing shipments with UPS

Managing your shipments

As soon as you have requested a pick up for your parcels you are provided with a consignment number which allows you to track your shipment.

In your order overview you are able to see the requested shipments. Because it is possible to create multiple shipments within one order, you are enabled to view each item separately.

Also you can reprint the consignment notes from this overview, create a new shipment or request a cancellation.

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Manage shipments with UPS Dashboard

You are able to manage your shipments in both CM Shop and UPS dashboard.

If your webshop is linked with UPS, you are able to set up an UPS dashboard to overview your parcels. You are enabled to log on to the website of UPS with your account details so you can see the overview.

Within this overview you have multiple possibilities. You can view shipment details for both parcels as freight and you can also find all consignment notes here.

Managing shipments with dashboard UPS
costs of UPS connector € 225,- single payment