Webshop linked to Snelstart through S-Connect

Snelstart and your webshop...

S-connect is a seperate software program which we build an XML connector for.

S-Connect is linked with Snelstart and can read all products and order from your webshop at pre-set times.

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Managing product details

Merchandise can be managed within the webshop. Changed product details will be exported to Snelstart. This means article numbers, salesprices, purchase price, EAN-code and article description.

Managing customer details

New relations and adjustments to existing relations will be imported to Snelstart through the connector. For example, think about delivery address, billing address, name, phone number, email address etc.

Relation details in Snelstart
Orderdetails in Snelstart

Managing order details

For every order, the delivery address, billing address, article numbers and product numbers will be automatically sent to Snelstart.

Costs connector € 450,- single payment
€ 12,50 per month