SAP Webshop connector

SAP connector

CM Specialist has developed a special webshop that can be used in both the B2C and B2B market. When your company is working with SAP, then we are able to connect our webshop to your existing system. This will save a lot of time and reduces the chances of making mistakes. It is even possible to choose for a combined B2B and B2C solution within our package.

The connector contains

  • Product master data
  • Product details and properties
  • Article categories
  • Relation details
  • Price agreements
  • Placed orders
  • Stock

Next to these links there are a lot of extra available possibilities with a B2B webshop or a B2C webshop.

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SAP webshop connector
SAP and CM Specialist

SAP and CM Shop linked

A great XML link to your B2B or B2C webshop for companies who want to sell online.

In short this connector takes care of the placement of article master data, article descriptions, debtors and price agreements in your webshop. Orders can be exported from the webshop to SAP. Also, our connector keeps track of stock to make sure this is always up-to-date.

Artikelstamgegevens vanuit SAP

Product master data will be exported by SAP to your webshop

Product master data that can exported by SAP are product number, EAN-number, sales price, VAT, display price, advised sales price, discounts, description in multiple languages, brand, linked category, product group, images etc. It is also possible to add free fields within the export. This has to be after consultation.

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Porduct master data from SAP
Technical documents connector

Technical documents

Exporting Technical documentation, for example PDF, Excel and AutoCad files.

Technical attachments can be protected by an accesslevel. This way you can make your website usable for your employees on the road as well. Documents will only be available after logging on.

Price agreements from SAP

If you made price agreement which are determined in SAP, you will find these back within your webshop.

You can document price agreements depending on company type, article group, debtors and specific articles. There are multiple combinations possibilities that will enable you to provide the prefered price agreements.

You can also use your webshop as a catalog without prices. Your relation, if logged in, can see the prices. All these price agreements are exported through the SAP webshop connector into you webshop.

Awarding price agreements in Order Direct
Stock connector SAP Webshop

Stock products

Show your current stock to your visitors.

Depending on your wishes we can update your stock in fixed time slots. This will provide the perfect display of your products to your customers.

The stock status can be presented in several ways. To a certain type of customer you can show a stock indications while you show other customer types the exact (maximized) stock status.

Debtor details

Correct debtor details in your webshop.

Through the connector several details are exported due to an advanced XML link. For example: first and last name, sex, phone number, email, fixed delivery and payment methods, contact persons, billing addresses, delivery addresses etc.

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