Webwinkel connector Exact-Online

Exact-Online connector

With Exact-Online linked to your webshop you can easily exchange data between exact-Online and your webshop. This will safe you a lot of time and reduce the chances of making mistakes.

The connector contains

  • Product master data
  • Stock
  • Relations (including contact persons and address details)
  • Price agreements
  • Changes will be automatically updated
  • Orders (as sales order or sales invoice)
  • Extensive log of your changes.

Next to these links there are a lot of extra available possibilities with a B2B webshop or a B2C webshop.

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Exact-Online connector

Exact-Online Business Software

A flexible developed ERP-package that can be adjusted to fit your company's every need.

Exact-online is certified with the highest international security standards. This makes Exact-Online one of the most trustable and safe online cloud business software around the world.

Did you know that Exact-Online is one of the proud partners of Max Verstappen? Exact-Online identifies herself with his mentality, vigor and targeting.

Exact-Online logo
Exact-Online & CM Specialist

Exact-Online and CM Shop together

A perfect link to CM Shop for organizations that want to sell online.

With the connector between Exact-Online and CM Shop are all of the above named specifications included. Also the system keeps an extensive journal. With this journal you are able to view which articles are imported to your webshop, at how many product the stock has been updated and which orders are exported to the Exact-Online dashboard.

Manage your stock

With the connector to the webshop the stock of Exact-Online will be updated in your webshop in real time.

Depending on you settings you can indicate if you want to show your actual stock to a specific type of customer.

A pre-indication can be for example: big stock, limited stock, coming soon, etc.

Manage stock in Exact-Online
Editing products Exact-Online

Manage products

The master details of an article are exported from Exact-Online to your webshop.

Within the webshop you can enridge these details. For example: multiple images, product videos,  instructions, search engine optimized texts, related products, up and cross selling,
characteristics (for the usage of filters) etc.

Price agreements with your debtor

Price agreements made with your customers are automatically linked by the connector. At this moment we support two types of price agreements.

Percentage discount on complete collection.

Here your debtor receives a personalized discount on the complete collection.

Fixed price per product for your debtor.

Here your debtor gets a fixed price for a specific product.

Other discount solutions are possible and can be implemented on request.

Prices overview Exact-Online

View log Exact-Online

Importing orders

When your customer places an order in your webshop this will become visible in Exact-Online.

There are two ways to receive an order. This can be as a sales order or as sales invoice. After that you are able to process the order as you would normally in Exact-Online.

Synchronizing debtors

You can specify in Exact-Online if it is a relation is a webshop customer. This way the client details will always be up-to-date.

The general master data from your debtor will be synced between Exact-Online and the webshop. This way all contact and address details are synched. Not only the master data, but also the address and contact details are synchronized. As soon as a customer applies changes this will be updated in Exact-Online.

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Contactperson overview Exact-Online
Contactperson overview Exact-Online

Settings in CM Shop

Within your CM Shop you’re enabled to manage your Exact-Online settings. Always in consultation with us.

In the screen as shown on the left you are enabled to edit your settings and put in request that will be executed by Exact-Online. This means VAT id, products and orders. All settings are calibrated by us when installing the connector.

View log

A log is automatically kept for all im and export. For example, the products, stock, relations and orders are logged.

This way you are able to see which details have been imported to the webshop, at what stock number your stock has been changed and which order have been exported to Exact-Online. This way you can trace all changes within the system.

log overview Exact-Online

Costs connector € 450,- single payment
Costs linking connector € 380,- single payment
Costs maintanance and support by phone € 15,- per month