Support for the usage of our management tool

Support general functionalities

General (Introduction)

Videos about the basics of our management tool, think about adding and editing text, adding links and images and navigation of your website etc.

Support functions modules

The modules

We see modules as news articles, FAQ, contact forms, the guestbook, sliders and rotators, photo albums etc.

Support webshop functions

The webshop

Here you find everything about adding products and product categories, discount coupons, logistic services and setting for extra delivery costs etc. You can also find your product feed in- and export here.

support tips and tricks

Tips and tricks

Helpful tips and tricks such as adding 301 redirects, page anchors, special buttons, the fancybox function etc.

support email settings

Email settings

Set up your email for example for Iphone, Ipad or Mac. Or are you using outlook? Have a look here for instruction on how to configure your email account.

support teamviewer

Remote help and services

We can offer you remote assistance by using teamviewer. This way we can easily look along with you and if necessary take over your mouse. You will also find here the information about registration for various paymethod providers and Google Analytics.

Tip 1: Take your time for the videos

If you take your time to understand the system and you’re not afraid to click, you will learn this the quickest. Start at the start.

Tip 2: Make sure your browser is up-to-date

Firefox is an alternative for Internet Explorer, and generally more stable, faster and safer. There are also tools available in Firefox to make your website score higher in search engines. Click here to download Firefox.

Tip 3: Work with tabs

The easiest way to edit your website is having two tabs, one for your website and one for your management tool.  This way you can switch quickly between the two and see the results as you keep editing.