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Procedure for a webshop

To reach the desired result a good structure is of great importance. When building a webshop there will always be exceptions, because every webshop is unique. That is why we use the following steps for creating a webshop.

step one

An explanatory meeting

We arrange an appointment for an explanatory interview. During this conversation we discuss the purpose of your website, the prefered look and feel and the target audience which you aim for. Also we will indexate the purpose  of the webshop and how you as a company want to use it as a tool to reach your market. After this meeting you will receive a quote.

step two

The designBased on the (multiple) meeting(s) we will create a design. When the design is finished, we will review this together. Can there still be something improved? We will continue until you are completely satisfied with the design.

step three

The technique

The new design will be converted to a working webshop. We plan a meeting to provide you with the training on how to add/fill the webshop with the desired content. Also we show you how to get access to our extensive database of support videos.

step four

Adding content to your webshop

You will be enabled to fill your webshop yourself, but we can also offer assistance. If needed, we will ask for the assistance of a professional writer or photographer in our professional network.

step five


Before we put your webshop live, we will review everything together and make sure that all information is shown properly and if the visitor paths are correct.

step six


After the process we can plan an evaluation meeting, if prefered. Within this meeting things such as social media will be discussed.

Do you like the sound of our procedure?

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