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About CM Specialist

CM Specialist's vision

The opportunity the internet offers is not yet used to its full potential.

We still see so many companies with an inaccessible website that rather scares your visitors than inviting them to buy over your webshop. Also the managing, collecting data such as visitor numbers as well as the clickstream data has often not the right priority in business. The goal of CM Specialist strives to help these organisations to optimize the revenue generated by their online platform.

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A website should always be easy to manage, otherwise there won't be regular updates.


Jeroen Stoker Jeroen Stoker Designer (eigenaar)

Creatief brein en ervaren specialist in webdesign technieken.

Peter Bot Peter Bot ProgramMeur (eigenaar)

De senior specialist in PHP en MySQL. Techneut in hart en nieren.

Nick Spaargaren Nick Spaargaren Designer

Een getalenteerde webdesigner met oog voor perfectie.

Michael van Olst Michael van Olst Programmeur

Pioneer met nieuwe techniek zoals Vue.js, React Native en Google Firebase.

Khasem Abdulrazak Khasem Abdulrazak Designer

Uitgebreide expertise in diverse HTML, CSS en Javascript technieken.

Marit Porsinck Marit Porsinck Designer

Gemotiveerd vormgeefster met brede kennis van o.a. Photoshop en Sketch.